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Adult Vaccines

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Vaccines You Need
When do adults need vaccines?
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Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
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Vaccine Basics
How Vaccines Work
The nuts and bolts of vaccines and immunology
Importance of Vaccines
Vaccines are one of the greatest success stories in reducing disease and death from infections
Paying for Vaccines
Information about insurance and paying
Where to Get Vaccinated
Tools to help you locate vaccines in your area
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Items of Interest
Video: VSI: Vaccination Scene Investigation
Video: VSI - Vaccination Scene Investigation
Stopping serious diseases before they start is what Vaccine Scene Investigation is all about. This video shows the importance of vaccinating against diseases such as Influenza, Pneumococcus, Herpes Zoster, aka Shingles and Tetnus, Diphtheria and Pertussis.
Ramona's Story
Ramona, a grandmother, describes her family's experience when her 6-month-old granddaughter contracted pertussis from her
Vaccinations for Adults with Heart Disease
Vaccinations for Adults with Heart Disease
This easy-to-read handout is part of a series that focuses on adults in risk groups for vaccination: pregnancy, diabetes, lung disease, HIV infection, and hepatitis C infection.
HealthMap: Vaccine Finder
The HealthMap Vaccine Finder is a free online service that helps consumers locate vaccine providers of vaccines that doctors routinely recommend for adults. Simply enter your zip code or city and state to find mapped locations where vaccinations are offered.
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