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Adult Vaccines: Personal Testimonies

Stories of Suffering and Loss

Adrian Elkins - hepatitis B
Adrian's sister writes about her brother's death and his siblings' determination to educate the public about hepatitis B.
>> read Adrian's story
Christine Baze - HPV
Christine Baze, a Boston musician and cervical cancer survivor, shares her personal story to educate women about human papillomavirus (HPV) and the importance of vaccination.
>> read Christine's story
Cousin - hepatitis B
This is the Congressional testimony of a pharmacist who writes in favor of universal hepatitis B vaccination for U.S. infants and all children ages 0-18.
>> read a cousin's story
FDA Magazine - shingles
Shingles: An Unwelcome Encore
>> read FDA Magazine's story
Friend - pneumococcal
Linda writes about her elderly friend's illness with pneumococcal pneumonia.
>> read Linda's story
Joe Moakley - hepatitis B
U.S. Congressman John Joseph Moakley from Massachusetts was gravely ill with hepatitis B virus infection but fortunately received a successful liver transplant.
>> read Joe's story
Hsu Family - hepatitis B
In the space of three years, college junior Leslie D. Hsu lost her brother and mother to hepatitis B-related liver cancer.
>> read the Hsu family's story
Mark - hepatitis B
Recounting a young doctor's death from hepatitis B-related liver cancer, the story is a tragic example of the consequence of inadequate medical attention to people with chronic hepatitis B.
>> read Mark's story
Mother - tetanus
Tetanus is far more than a "rusty nail" disease.
>> read a daughter's story
Mother - hepatitis B
A medical student shares the details of her mother's sudden death from hepatitis B.
>> read a medical student's story
Mother - hepatitis B
This mother of three children, like at least one third of people who contract hepatitis B infection, had no known risk factors for hepatitis B.
>> read a Mother's story
National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC) - HPV
HPV vaccine has potential to reduce worldwide cancer deaths by more than 200,000.
>> read the NCCC's story
Ramona & June - whooping cough
Ramona, a grandmother, describes her family's experience when her 6-month-old granddaughter contracted pertussis from her.
>> read Ramona's story
Thomas - hepatitis B
Dr. O'Brien wrote this gripping piece about the rapid deterioration in health of her patient Thomas, a 25-year-old graduate student suffering from acute hepatitis B infection.
>> read Thomas's story
Tom - hepatitis A
A traveling filmmaker reflects on the high cost of hepatitis A virus infection.
>> read Tom's story
Wise Family - hepatitis B
This account of the Wise family, exemplifies the toll undetected hepatitis B infection takes among Asian American/Pacific Islander immigrants and the serious consequences misinterpreted hepatitis B test results can have.
>> read the Wise family's story
Yorkshire Post - tetanus
Tetanus killed woman after fall in garden.
>> read the Yorkshire Post's story
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Personal Testimonies
>> Adrian Elkins - hepatitis B
>> Christine Baze - HPV
>> Cousin - hepatitis B
>> FDA Magazine - shingles
>> Friend - pneumococcal
>> Joe Moakley - hepatitis B
>> Hsu Family - hepatitis B
>> Mark - hepatitis B
>> Mother - tetanus
>> Mother - hepatitis B
>> Mother - hepatitis B
>> National Cervical Cancer Coalition - HPV
>> Ramona & June - whooping cough
>> Thomas - hepatitis B
>> Tom - hepatitis A
>> Wise Family - hepatitis B
>> Yorkshire Post - tetanus
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