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Influenza (flu)
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Influenza (flu)

Influenza is a serious disease caused by a virus. Influenza can make you feel miserable! Fever, cough, shaking chills, body aches, and extreme weakness are common symptoms.
You can catch influenza from people who cough, sneeze, or even just talk around you. It is very contagious.
Tragically, every year infants, children, teens, and adults die from influenza. Influenza is very unpredictable. No one knows how deadly influenza will be each year. Even if you have a mild case of influenza, you can still pass the virus on to your friends, family, and coworkers who could get very sick or even die.
Influenza is most dangerous for people with health conditions like heart and lung disease, the very young and very old, and pregnant women. But anyone can become seriously sick from influenza – even young, healthy people.
Vaccination is the most effective step you can take to be protected from this serious disease.
Influenza Vaccine Schedule
Every person, beginning at age 6 months and continuing throughout their lifetime, should receive annual vaccination against influenza.
Trusted Websites
Influenza (Flu)
Find fact sheets for parents and children, resources, multimedia, and more from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
A Look at Each Vaccine: Chickenpox (varicella)
A Look at Each Vaccine: Influenza Vaccine
Questions and answers about the disease and vaccines from the Vaccine Education Center
Families Fighting Flu
Families Fighting Flu
Families and pediatricians who have experienced first-hand what it is like to lose a child to influenza or to have a child experience severe medical complications from influenza. Website features compelling videos and first-hand accounts from member families
Health Map Vaccine Finder
Health Map Vaccine Finder
During the COVID-19 pandemic, VaccineFinder has temporarily removed the ability to search for routinely recommended vaccines. Flu vaccines and other routine vaccines will be back on the site in the near future.
Flu or other routine vaccines are usually available at private doctors' offices, health department clinics, urgent care clinics, and pharmacies. Schools, religious centers, travel clinics, and workplaces can also provide these vaccines under some circumstances. If your primary healthcare provider does not stock all the vaccines recommended for you, ask for a referral.
You can also contact your state health department to learn more about where to get vaccines in your community.
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Video Library
Facing Influenza
Facing Influenza: This educational and compelling video conveys the importance of receiving the influenza (flu) vaccine. These three families all share their story with the hopes of educating other parents about the importance of vaccination for influenza, more commonly known as the flu. They have experienced tremendous trial, loss, and hardship and their lives have been forever changed. This video tells the stories of Emily Lastinger, Chloe Kramer, and Billy Cary. Hopefully, by hearing their stories, these brave families can help other parents and individuals understand the seriousness of the flu and the importance of getting vaccinated.
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Personal Testimonies
Stories of suffering and loss from influenza (flu)
The Story of Amanda Kanowitz
Influenza Killed My Beautiful 23-Month-Old Daughter
The Story of Emily Lastinger
Influenza Ends Martin McGowan's Life
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More Influenza Information
Influenza: Make sure your child is protected
Influenza Is a Serious Disease… Make sure your child is protected! (IAC)
1-page summary for parents
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Protect Yourself from Influenza
Protect yourself from influenza… Get vaccinated! (IAC)
1-page summary for teens and adults
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Keep your kids safe — get them vaccinated every fall or winter! (IAC)
Keep your kids safe — get them
vaccinated every fall or winter! (IAC)
Get them vaccinated every year
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Flu Emergency Warning Signs
Flu Emergency Warning Signs (IAC)
When to seek immediate medical care for you or your family
Influenza Questions & Answers
Influenza: Questions and Answers
Influenza disease and vaccine information
Vaccine for Flu (Influenza) (CDC)
Vaccine for Flu (Influenza) (CDC)
Frequently asked questions
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Influenza: What You Should Know
Influenza: What you should know (VEC)
Influenza Q&A fact sheet
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Influenza Photos
Some of the images are quite graphic
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