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Pneumococcal Photos

Photographs accompanied by text that reads "Courtesy of . . . " may be used for displays, brochures, posters, and presentations. Please credit the appropriate source. Photographs accompanied by text that reads "Copyright . . ." may not be reprinted without permission. Please contact the source (not IAC) for permission to reprint copyrighted photos.

Warning: Some of these photos are quite graphic.
Brain of a person who died from pneumococcal brain infection
Larger image: www.vaccineinformation.org/photos/pneuiac001a.jpg
Largest image: www.vaccineinformation.org/photos/pneuiac001b.jpg
Courtesy of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Pneumococcal meningitis in an alcoholic
Courtesy of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Child with pneumococcal disease

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