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Teen Vaccines: Personal Testimonies

Stories of Suffering and Loss

Allison Jester - hepatitis A
High school student Allison Jester describes how a hepatitis A infection disrupted her senior year.
>> read Allison's story
Christine Baze - HPV
Christine Baze, a Boston musician and cervical cancer survivor, shares her personal story to educate women about human papillomavirus (HPV) and the importance of vaccination.
>> read Christine's story
Eduardo - tetanus
In my quick exam of Eduardo, I hadn't seen a scratch. I suspected tetanus, but there's no definitive diagnostic test for the disease because the toxin hides away in the central nervous system.
>> read Eduardo's story
Hsu Family - hepatitis B
In the space of three years, college junior Leslie D. Hsu lost her brother and mother to hepatitis B-related liver cancer.
>> read the Hsu family's story
John Fuller - meningococcal
Cadet John Fuller at the Virginia Military Institute describes how, within two days, he went from feeling fine to being in the intensive care unit, fighting meningococcal disease.
>> read John's story
Joseph Kepferle - meningococcal
Joseph Kepferle's father describes the pain of having a healthy college-aged son become ill and die within 24 hours of meningococcal meningitis.
>> read Joseph's story
Martin McGowan - influenza
Diane and Mike McGowan’s healthy 15-year-old son, Martin, died from influenza-related complications in 2005. “One flu shot could have saved his life,” said Diane. “As his mother, I wish that he had been vaccinated.”
>> read Martin's story
Ryan Hokensmith - meningococcal
Ryan Hockensmith, a senior at Penn State majoring in journalism, writes about his three-week battle with meningococcal meningitis.
>> read Ryan's story
Ryan Milley - meningococcal
Frankie Milley, founder of Meningitis Angels, shares the devastating account of the death of her only child, Ryan Wayne Milley, who died of meningococcal disease.
>> read Ryan's story
The Sunday Times - measles
Schoolboy, 13, dies as measles makes a comeback.
>> read the Sunday Times' story
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>> Allison Jester - hepatitis A
>> Christine Baze - HPV
>> Eduardo - tetanus
>> Hsu Family - hepatitis B
>> John Fuller - meningococcal
>> Joseph Kepferle - meningococcal
>> Martin McGowan - influenza
>> Ryan Hockensmith - meningococcal
>> Ryan Milley - meningococcal
>> The Sunday Times - measles
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