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Personal Testimonies: Complete List

Personal Testimonies: Complete List

Chickenpox (varicella)
Chickenpox Claimed the Life of My Son Christopher
Christopher Chinnes, age 12
A Death from Diphtheria
Lois, age 2
Hepatitis A
Virus Saps Grad in Her Peak Weeks
Allison Jester, age 18
Traveling Filmmaker Reflects on the High Cost of Hepatitis A Virus Infection
Tom, adult
Hepatitis B
Physician Underscores the Importance of Hepatitis B Vaccine
Testimony Before the President's Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
Hsu family, age 19 and adult
We Called Him 'A-Man'
Adrian Elkins, age 20
One Family's Story: Living with hepatitis B
Wise family, age 24
The Benefits of Hepatitis B Vaccine Far Outweigh the Risks: A pharmacist's professional and personal perspective
Cousin, age 24
A Lost Week
Thomas, age 25
Young Doctor Learns He Has Liver Cancer Too Late
Mark, age 31
Mother's Death from Hepatitis B Moves Daughter to Action
I Was at No Risk for Ever Having Hepatitis B!
All Of The Horrors That I Endured Could Have Been Avoided
U.S. Congressman John Joseph Moakley, adult
Hib (H. influenzae type b)
Hib Meningitis Strikes Unvaccinated Baby
Mary Catherine, 11-month-old
Babies Who Are Not Vaccinated "Risk Death"
Helena Harding, 18-month-old
A Mother's Experience with Haemophilus influenzae type b
Sarah Archer, age 2
HPV (human papillomavirus)
Christine Baze's Story
Christine Baze, age 31
HPV Vaccine Has Potential to Reduce Worldwide Cancer Deaths by More Than 200,000
National Cervical Cancer Coalition
Influenza (flu)
Influenza Killed My Beautiful 23-Month-Old Daughter
Elizabeth Cover, 23-month-old
The Story of Emily Lastinger
Emily Lastinger, age 3½
The Story of Katie Bellovich
Katie Bellovich, age 3½
The Story of Amanda Kanowitz
Amanda Kanowitz, age 4½
Influenza Ends Martin McGowan's Life
Martin McGowan, age 15
Japanese encephalitis
No stories available at this time
Measles: A Dangerous Illness By Roald Dahl
Olivia Dahl, age 7
Measles Not Worth the Risk
John Kiely, age 7
Open Letter to Parents
Eileen Ouellette, age 8
The Problem from the Measles and Rubella Initiative
Measles and Rubella Initiative
Schoolboy, 13, Dies as Measles Makes a Comeback
The Sunday Times
In Memory of Ryan Milley
Ryan Milley, age 18
Meningitis: Big dread on campus
John Fuller, age 19
The Laughter of Our Hearts: Losing a teen to a vaccine-preventable disease
Joseph Kepferle, college student
Ordinary College Student Shares Horror of Meningitis
Ryan Hockensmith, college student
No stories available at this time
Three-Year-Old's Ordeal with Severe Pneumococcal Disease Includes Bloodstream and Lung Infection
Leo Wexler-Mann, age 3
Boy Dies of Pneumococcal Meningitis
Jacob Newby, age 6
Pneumococcal Pneumonia: How I let down my friend
Friend, age 86
Through A Child's Eyes: A child's polio experience
Sharon Karber, age 3
Polio Survivor Recalls Tragic Loss of Twin and Classmates
Frankie, age 6
Polio Victim Entreats Parents to Say "Yes" to Vaccines
Laura Lake, age 8
No stories available at this time
Holly's Experience with Rotavirus
Peete family, age 2
Two Children Hospitalized with Rotavirus
Matthys family, 8-month-old and age 2
No stories available at this time
Shingles (zoster)
Shingles: An unwelcome encore
FDA Magazine
Tetanus (lockjaw)
Blindsided by Tetanus: Are you psychotic, overdosing, or did you just forget your booster shot?
Eduardo, teenager
Tetanus Is Far More Than a "Rusty Nail" Disease
Tetanus Killed Woman After Fall in Garden
The Yorkshire Post
Typhoid fever
No stories available at this time
Whooping cough (pertussis)
The Death of Colin, Pamela and Kevin Durkin's Infant Son
Colin Durkin, 1-week-old
The Hospitalization of Colin, Mary-Clayton Enderlein's Newborn Son
Colin Enderlein, 1-week-old
Long-ago Bane of Whooping Cough Making a Stealthy Resurgence
Nelyn Baker, 18-day-old
The Hospitalization of Thomas T. Morris's Preschool Son, Nick
Nick Morris, age 4
Ramona's Story
Ramona, adult & infant
Too Young for Shot, Austin Infant Dies of Whooping Cough
Serena King, infant
Yellow fever
No stories available at this time
Vaccine Advocacy
Fact: No Link between Vaccines and Autism
Arthur Caplan, PhD
As the New Year Begins, Parent Expresses Gratitude for Immunization
Christine Roberts
Failure to Vaccinate Children: An Unconscionable Twist of Faith
Claire Pomeroy
Are Vaccinations Worth It?
David Keller
Some Parents Fall for Vaccination Scare Stories, with Deadly Results
Betty Bumpers and Rosalynn Carter
December 11, 2000, Remarks by the President on Child Immunization
Bill Clinton
Physician Remembers the Tragedies of Vaccine-Preventable Disease
Gene Gangarosa, MD, MS
Infection Control Nurse Urges Parents to Support U.S. Vaccine Program
Vicki Brinsko, RN, CIC
Disclaimer: The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) publishes personal testimonies for the purpose of making them available for our readers' review. Please note that information in the testimonies may be outdated and may not reflect the current immunization schedule or recommendations.
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